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A Little Chilly Humour
(A re-write of the abandoned first chapter of 'Known Only As Shock Miser'. For old times sake - or, heh, Auld lang syne.)
This mountain was the definition of cold itself.
And yet the little being trotted on; swaying on his ankle whenever the wind decided to take a jab at him.
Those winds were howling like a pack of hungry wolves in the blizzard-filled sky, the snow pelting down with the force of stones from the grey-black clouds above. Cold that was bitter and unkind, hitting batting mercilessly at the little three-foot sprite like a cat with a yarn ball.
Welcoming, sure.
The trees were frozen to the point of resembling statues, something he noticed as he went by. He was shivering uncontrollably now; Many who would ever hear about his journey would’ve deemed him insane due to the plummeting temperature and the odd character who lived inside the icy mountain itself.
The figure was smaller than an elf, but no Christmas Helper of any kind; no child either, with pointed ears,
:iconwhat-if-writer:What-if-Writer 3 2
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Well, its January 1st, 2018. Guess I better mention what I've been up to.

I'm at college now; and I've re-applied to university; here's hoping to better luck. My drawings skill have improved traditionally; still working on digital stuff - I've been on different accounts and websites; DA Has gotten a bit harder to navigate since I've been away.

But it's still been a good year. This place still has a seat in my heart, and I love the people I interact with on here. If it wasn't for this website, I'd never have started getting into drawing again. Seriously, if I hadn't been inspired to digitally create my characters, I wouldn't be in this college course right now. 

Thanks, guys, for the great experience, and here's to New Year Luck!


I loved him.
So much.
I saw Snow White Happily Ever After when I was VERY young, and this character suddenly jumped into my head one day - I remembered him, and remembered loving the character, the Shadow Man. I only saw the movie once.
This is NOT a tracing; I took reference from a screenshot. 
So I've been thinking ... its been a while since I announced I finished my manuscript; unfortunately I had to put aside the writing hobby to focus on college. My art skills are better but not create, and I was entertaining the idea of commissioning an illustration for a book cover. Any thoughts?
Cat O Nine Tails

Based on my time in Spain, with its architecture, climate, where I saw many street cats and there was a dog in the apartment over the restaurant we frequented, I came up with the idea ‘Cat O’ Nine-Tails’. I even took pictures to use as background reference.

The story, inspired by the likes of Cartoon Network shows, follows a gang of nine cats, thieves, and the dog constantly keeping them at bay. The no-nonsense, sturdy Mutt vs the masters of slapstick; the main protagonists being him and Furball, the cat lady pictured above - the two have a kind of ironic romance to top if off.

I’ve been trying to adjust the style - having gotten the idea from Cartoon Network I don’t want them to look unconsciously like that style, but no matter how many times I draw ‘em the influence sneaks through.

I’ll get there, eventually.

Colour of Madness Storyboard 2
The second storyboard; Pehl awakes in a strange purple abyss, and meets a shape-shifting weasel. 
Colour of Madness Storyboard 1
Based on a game concept of mine; The Colour of Madness, wherein a hooded figure abducts several people from the main character's village and traps them in various domains; a malicious buffet, a world where time moves too fast; one where all are invisible, on and on it goes. The character, Pehl, must find them before they are lost to the lotus-trap worlds.


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