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You know that terrible fic that's moving at snail's pace that I started way back?

Well, the story has sub-plots and backstories. But I wrote down and planned out the whole story, and its a lot for a reader to remember. So I said to myself, 'what if I made the flashback sequences just seperate stories?'
That would work swell with the Deadlocked flashbacks were Ace is terrorized by a certain one-eared menace. But there's a subplot with the cragmites...that may get a bit complicated.
Cons: OCS. In the flashbacks there will be ocs, and the cragmite one deals with the cragmite Empire during the Great War - class problems, nobles, schemes, all that jazz...which means ALL are ocs because no one is born yet. Which is bad.
I mean, stories with mostly original characters can be good, but hard to do. I'll admit - I'd be apprehensive of all all- oc story. So the cragmite flashbacks may be best suited to staying as a subplot in the main story.
It means, however, that character development would be rushed or cramped...
And writing down the plan for the whole main story and the flashbacks, I realized just how much the story has to go. I've cut out characters both original and canon to even it up, but still. I see it as a chore most days. Its my own doing, really.
It's dumb to stress about a fanfic, but I promised myself as someone who wants to be a writer (and who is currently editing the very, very first draft of a small novel like a ninny at the same time) that I'd finish this piece of rubbish.
I think if I really, really tried, I could balance out the flashbacks with Dreadzone and the Cragmite Empire. Just wanted to know if those very very few people still reading thought. 

Sorry for annoying my watchers with this story again. I know I'm annoyed with it. I'm barely on here to enjoy DA as much, I shouldn't be whining I know.


Lifeforce Chapter 67:

Once more into the fray; into the last good fight I'll ever know.

Live and die on this day.

Live and die on this day.

The Dark Furred Lombax

The sun was rising. The fog was breaking, but lingered yet upon the air. Percy moved along the road outside the jungle, away from the cover of the due-draped plants and through the audience of giant briars. His mind was blank, his heart was tight. He called for Leo in a quiet voice that carried through the thorns and along the road. He received no answer.

He hadn't slept. He didn't feel tired. The quiet was driving him inside. Percy's resolve trembled as he went on. The path grew on either side; walls rising as he wandered into the maze-like roads between the rock and brambles, away from the calming forest green. The shadows stretched towards him from either side, mangled and unwelcoming.


He didn't get a response.

A distorted gurgle sounded behind him. Percy's chest burst with horror and he darted forward, not even looking back to see what it was. His little form bolted down the road, his feet scuttling along the soggy soil. The path was higher here, narrower, there were sharp brambles down below, thorn clusters as big as houses –

The soil slipped out from under him. He didn't scream. The air simply flew from his throat as he toppled, the world flashing grey-brown, grey-brown, as he rolled through the mud.

He crashed through the brambles, landing below one of the giant bushes, feeling the sharp thorns catch at his clothes, his ear. He landed with a slam on his stomach, his elbows and knees stinging with pain. Percy barely moved, unable to breath.

Thud, thud, thud

Through the knitting of the briar thorns, through the cluster, he saw four robotic feet stamping along the ground. He couldn't move, couldn't think, his body felt like it was being crushed on the inside. The stamps drew nearer as the throne trekked the path. The hulking mech stopped right by the giant cluster of thorns and brambles. Through the gaps between it, Percy saw Percival Tachyon. He didn't move. His heartbeat was pounding in his head.

The cragmite was scanning the road. He didn't seem angry or frustrated, he looked awfully neutral. Percy watched him as he simply looked around. All he had to do was turn his head at a certain angle, and he'd see...

The cragmite turned, and the throne moved away, steadily across the road. The thuds, like Percy's heartbeat, faded away from his broken hearing. The boy felt numb.

He was gone.


Raymas's fingers practically flew over the consol. Ratchet tried to steady the ship as it teetering more on more towards tipping over completely. Cronk and Zephyr had finally managed to drag themselves out of the pile and clung to the back of the pilot seats; Clank was hanging off his harness in a dizzy swing.

"But who could be calling us from their Battleship?"

"Some kind of cat?" Tenahee ventured as the silent call went on. The signal was enough, Raymas was hacking in, but it was taking too long. The asteroids bounced against the shield the Lifeforce was giving, and each time Ratchet felt the hit in his feet. It was an awful sensation that he didn't want to get used to anytime soon –

"What happened?" A nasally voice mumbled. He looked down and blinked. Oh, yeah. They'd left Nefarious cramped between the pilot seat and the control consol. He looked like a very odd draft excluder.

"We are hacking into the Battleship database in order to turn the gravity field back on." Clank offered helpfully. Nefarious grabbed his jaw and forced it back into place. Qwark gave a horrified noise at the sight.


"Shut up, you Green Oaf!" The mad scientist barked, shoving Ratchet back from the pilot seat and plopping down the best he could went the chair was near vertical now. "I'm gonna give the thrusters a boost by relaying the power!"

"But won't that increase the crash likelihood?" Clank commented. Ratchet groaned. When did they not enter a planet via crashing?

"I'm almost there, just a bit longer." Raymas said. The asteroids scraped ominously against the side of the ship. Tenahee gritted her teeth,

"Go for it, Nefarious...I suppose."

"Like I wouldn't if you all disagreed anyway." Nefarious retorted, pressing the bottoms as fast as Raymas was – but with the air of a theatrical composer. The unnecessary flaying of the arms made Ratchet force down a snort.

The ship blasted forward for a second and all parties sans Nefarious lurched forward. Ratchet tripped and landed on the control consol, his back barely hitting the windscreen. Nefarious cackled. Clank scowled,

"Revenge is not the time, Nefarious, we must –"


The asteroids basted away like bubbles in water currents. The gravity field was back up and the route was re-opening. They were close to the planet's atmosphere now. They were almost there. The ship righted itself and at last the group hopped onto their feet again (Qwark was still clinging arms and legs to Nefarious' pilot seat) and Ratchet slid off the control panel.

"Finally, we're getting somewhere." He muttered. Raymas leaned against the wall, frowning. Ratchet raised a brow.

"What is it?"

"It was far too easy to do that. Someone must have opened the database for me to hack in...But who?" Ratchet tried not to sigh.

He tried to think instead. "Perc – The purple guy?" He corrected himself awkwardly.

"I'm sure I heard some kind of cat." Qwark commented sheepishly. Nefarious glared at him fiercely, as if furious he'd spoken at all after all of this. Ratchet rubbed his chin,

"A cat...?"

"Squishies, we're almost there." The robot scientist cut in, "Shouldn't you all be plotting how to find the stupid artefact before those miniature buffoons in the Battleship do?"

"Do you have any ideas where on the planet it may be?" Clank asked slowly, hands on his 'hips'. Nefarious grumbled,

"Small idea. There's some kind of old temple that's been converted into something else."

"Lemme guess." Ratchet said, "Tachyon's already there."

"Not quite. His fish are near, but they aren't there."

"What makes you believe it is in this temple?"

"I saw some of the Orange's buffoons sulking around, and I did some of my own digging. That's all there is to it." Nefarious snapped back. Ratchet felt the urge to wrap his hands around the robot's neck in that moment. He glared at the back of his glass skull instead.

Raymas was frowning at the robot, too. "I hope you haven't got a cheap trick up your sleeve."

Nefarious glared at them all. The group glared back, even Qwark.

"You're freaking welcome, you twits."

"Initiating Atmospheric Entry."




No answer.

The sun rose slowly here, Percy supposed. The shadows were still plentiful; a silent audience to his loneliness. Now that the cragmite had passed this way, with the drophids that probably hadn't seen him, the quiet had come back and it clung to his brain like cheap wallpaper. Even now his mind felt blank. He shuffled along, his mind planted on finding the dark furred lombax. With each passing minute, the numbness in him faded.


No answer.

He moved through the fading fog, his eyes to his feet. Then, a different shadow appeared before them. Not stretching from the rock faces on either side; not dotted like the silhouettes of the bramble bushes. Not his shadow.

His insides hurt, his limbs were cold. Percy raised his head. Against the paling sky, hung between wires stung from either rock face...

A single drop of red-brown fell from the mangled shape to the dirt below. Percy's eyes were wide. Inside, everything burned, then went to ice...then went to nothing, emptiness, in a mere second. His eyelids, so tightly drawn back a moment before, slid down. Half-lidding dimming eyes.


His arms lowered to his side.

Hanging there wasn't Leo anymore.


It was hard to describe what he felt in those passing moments. At first, everything he'd expected. Horror. Pain. Desperation. Begging. Wanting to lie down and die. Every negative feeling possible flooded into him. And just like that, the overload seemed to short-circuit something in his brain. Suddenly everything, every feeling, good or bad drained away. In that moment, in that flood of emotions burning and tearing and bubbling up higher and higher...he almost heard something inside him shatter. When it did, everything faded. Something inside grew faint.

It was an ache unlike any he'd felt, but it didn't hurt as much anymore.

But he didn't feel much else either.


Lifeforce seeped out of him like juice a burst fruit. She could feel the moment he broke, like she had, many years ago. It pulsed in him like blood, drew in life breath. She sensed him through the barrier between the fabric of reality, between sleep and waking. Not quite Thora, but no longer a lombax or any true creature. Toranux remained still, clinging like weeds to whatever life it could find, trying to re-grow but instead turning already unique things into something not Loki, Not Thora, but something else entirely. The Loki had tried to create vessels with their DNA, and all they got where deranged monsters that couldn't function aside from attacking whatever they saw.

This, this change was subtle. It began the moment his cells came together. This wasn't meant to happen. The Lifeforce was either held by Thora, or no-one at all.

But now, perhaps, she had a loophole to the waking world. Perhaps he could provide the eyes, the hearing, she needed. He had no idea the tear in reality he could create.

Tressakay would make sure he knew.


Clunk, clank, clunk.

It wasn't a battle between two robotic enemies the height of his kneecaps. It was him walking across the bridge to the platforms were the tyrants waited. He saw Nevo and Croid, watching him with a mixture of horror, relief, and pity. Pity was something he didn't need. The purple lombax felt one of the drophid guards behind him give him a shove – he stumbled forward, but regained is balance quickly. His chained arms and legs made it difficult, but he walked.

He stopped in the centre of the platform below each tyrant, creating a triangle between all three of them. The Loki raised a brow at him as if regarding a mildly interesting lab specimen. Tachyon's expression was a little more torn. He was smug, but at the same time something was blazing behind his bulging buggy eyes. The Purple man felt his lips curl in satisfaction. Just standing here set the old man's nerves on fire, didn't it?

"Well." The cragmite drawled. The purple man didn't look up at him. Instead he looked at Croid, Nevo, and the Loki. As if he wasn't even there. Said Loki cocked a brow.

"I take it you gave the guards some trouble, then, mutant?"

The lombax's lips curled unpleasantly. "Something like that."

He side-glanced at the tharpods, searching for some kind of communication. Nevo moved his hands, barely lifting his arms, trying to signal – but Tachyon's voice cut in.

"Delaying the inevitable seems to be a penchant for you, doesn't it?"

One again the purple lombax didn't acknowledge him. "So. What am I doing here?" He shot up at the Loki, before bearing a toothy grin, one that made him seem near demonic when partnered with his dark fur and pale eyes, "Having trouble working out the Lifeforce?"

"Not at all." The Loki replied, grinning himself in retaliation, "Simply needed some fuel, dear boy."

He saw the tharpods giving the cragmite to the left of him worried looks. Even then, the purple lombax didn't look at him. He folded his arms, or tried to, given that they were bound in chains as heavy as he was, nearly.

"Anyone seen Dinkles?" He commented. The tharpods blinked.

"No...Wasn't he with you?"

"Why does this matter? This is about you and the Lifeforce your idiotic father found, only to hide it years ago." The purple being glanced at him from the side, at last, his look stony. Tachyon smirked, "He never was one to follow through on tough decisions."

"Don't talk to me." The purple lombax retorted, looking almost repulsed and surprised that he was being spoken to by him.

Tachyon smirk folded into a narrowed frown as the Loki cut in,

"We will find the artefact Locksher hid away. You can save yourself and your...friends." His eyes landed on the tharpods and they shifted uncomfortably, "A great amount of discomfort if you co-operate."

"You really think I'm some kind of box full of answers?"

"Considering your filthy genetics are pumped full of it, then yes." Tachyon snapped, "Playing dumb will get you nowhere. It certainly didn't get Ickabar anywhere."

What worked on Ratchet wouldn't work here.

"Stop talking to me..." The purple lombax said in a near mumble, eyes on the tharpods rather than him, speaking in a sing-song voice.


The leg of the throne was directly in front of him. Percy frowned, calm as ice, and turned his head. Tachyon was near inches away from him, leering down at him from the bent cockpit of his mech. "How dare you ignore me?!" He hissed.

"Look." The purple lombax snapped in a flustered voice, head bent but eyes up, "Stop talking to me." He stepped back and raised his hands; fingers and arms moving with each word as he laid it all out, "You and I, we don't speak. We don't communicate aside from death threats – maybe a heated insult or two. But we. Do not. Have conversations. We do not talk. That does not happen nor will happen in this universe or any other." He slowly waved his arms to emphasize that last sentence, a half-grin on his face. It didn't match his scowl, "Do you get it?"

"Too afraid of confrontation?" Tachyon's throne straightened up, away from him. He was forcing a grin. The lombax lifted a dark brow.

"Nice to meet you too."


Everyone, even the Loki, nearly jumped out of their skins. The circular door at the end of the bridge slid open and something yellow and lightning-like whipped inside.

Dinkles was scuttling along the smooth metallic floor, aqua eyes bulging in fright and his tail whipping behind him. He turned in mid run, skidding like a race car across the platform and leaping into the air like a grasshopper. He caught onto the purple lombax's ear and pulled it down for a second. The lombax's eyes widened and he gave a yelp of pain, "Oooow –" before the cat whipped up like a rubber band, and landed on her shoulder with a plop. He near ducked behind his head as a crescendo of footsteps came through the door next.

A group of drophids stormed in, the one at the front pointing a mechanical claw,

"There it is!"

"Dinkles, were have you been?" The purple lombax inquired loudly.

"It bit me!" One of the drophids waved a robotic arm – displaying what was clearly a line of teeth marks deep in the metal.

The lombax grinned.

"Wow, Dinkles, that's impressive."

The cat shrugged sheepishly. The Loki stared.


Tachyon's voice was enough to break the ear-drums over everyone in the room. Dinkles ducked back behind the purple lombax's head, eyes widening. The tharpods glanced at each other awkwardly. Tachyon sat back down on his throne, fuming. He gave a huff of breath,

"My patience has already been spent." He growled, eyes flickering from the Loki to the lombax, "I don't have the time for deals. I'll either torture the information out of this little runt myself, or you get it out of him now."

"Negotiation has never been your strong point." The Loki grinned.

"Like it's yours, Nikodemus?"

The Loki's demeanour changed instantly. Once moment he was lax, smirking, the next his expression had melted and he was staring at the lombax in a stony, empty silence. Dinkles huddled by his forehead, the purple man simply smiled plainly back at him.

"What did you just call me."

"Nikodmeus. That was your name, wasn't it?"

The Loki's eyes narrowed. "And just how...?"

His eyes focused on the little cat on his shoulder. Dinkles' eyes fell to the floor. The Lombax tilted his head back and forth. "I have my ways."

Tachyon scowled, hating being left out of the loop. The tharpods looked just as lost as he was. The Loki leaned back slightly, as if composing himself. "Very well, Tachyon, I suppose he's all yours then."

The lombax glanced at Tachyon, but then looked back at the Loki.

"You're saying in sneaky 'Loki tones' that Nevo and Croid will probably die painfully if I don't explain what the heck happened to me?"

"To put it bluntly." The Loki drawled. Percy's lip curled.

"I'm afraid it's impossible. I have no idea, either. I simply come back to life sometimes. It happens."

Dinkles nodded softly.


They lay under the stars. The caves, he was glad to leave behind. Ickabar had gotten his runes noted down, Fergus had done his fair share of moaning. This expedition was over. Leo rolled onto his side. The firelight was fading at his back, but it wasn't cold out here. The inky-blue sky and skeet of stars were light enough.

Fergus was asleep. Ickabar was asleep. He heard their breathing, steady and calm. He smiled just a little, but felt sleep tug at his eyelids, too.

Tomorrow they were going home. He wasn't one to be homesick. Old guard training taught against it, but he longed for the heat of the sand on his feet, the warmth of the sun on his face. The dark desert nights when he, Ickabar and Fergus would go from club to club, cafe to cafe, the only one ever drinking being Fergus and Ickabar eating as many sugary things as he could find. They probably would after a night's rest back home.

The campfire faded from flame to ember, and ember to darkness. The clouds passed over the moon and darkness engulfed him as he drifted away to sleep, too


So no big battle for Leo. But this is how I imagined his death being portrayed. No seen, but the aftermath. I hope to go more into his character in small one-shots maybe. This warrior who became a simple teacher after clashing views.

Loki's past is coming back to haunt him in the shape of a cat. Do not possess little animals for over 100 years when you know your aura increases the intelligence of other creatures.

Ratchet and Clank Fanfic: Lifeforce Chapter 67

So no big battle for Leo. But this is how I imagined his death being portrayed. No seen, but the aftermath. I hope to go more into his character in small one-shots maybe. This warrior who became a simple teacher after clashing views.

Loki's past is coming back to haunt him in the shape of a cat. Do not possess little animals for over 100 years when you know your aura increases the intelligence of other creatures.

You have a lot of nerve coming here, Rip-Off by What-if-Writer
You have a lot of nerve coming here, Rip-Off
 Two playing card Guards stepped threateningly on either side of the scrawnier cartoon rabbit, and Olly at once hunched as if ready to spring. Oswald was tapping his foot on the ground; a tense gesture that felt like a countdown.
"It doesn't have to go like this, Oswald."
"Oh, I think it does."
A rather hollow, bitter smile came to Oswald;  only someone who spent 8 decades in such bitterness could manage it. It wasn't frightening, but Olly had to fight the incentive to back off, especially as the guards tipped their staffs towards him; closing in. They moved almost in sync with the black rabbit's words. "I've let you wander around wasteland long enough."
"We've done nothing wrong. We're not a threat." Olly stepped back, but any pleas for Rip-Off characters or any other sort fell on deaf ears in the Wasteland. 

Someone who may or may not appear in the comic. 

So I went back to my 'roots' with my sketchy, messy style I used to use. The colouring didn't pop as much here as I wanted it to. Olly is a character I made years back, who I've tweaked. I drew this as something linked to My Toon Town Comic. Long story short, the ability to make Toons leaks to the public and amateurs begin making living cartoon characters. Of course, this means Ocs and Fan characters come to life, too. The more obvious ones, dubbed 'rip offs' are being hunted down by authorities. Their fate after that is unknown. Among legitimate cartoons, these characters are viewed with disdain, fear, or unease, as they could steal their spot like or tamper their own identities. How would a cartoon character react to the stories and characters we base off of them? That's what's being explored.

Lifeforce Chapter 66:

"Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart."

Marcus Aurelius

Ever Regret


Percy didn't usually fall asleep. Leo was awake again, having long since given up for tonight. Percy lay, his face still etched with a frown even in dreamland, behind the fire. Leo quietly poked at the cindering wood, though he didn't really need to anymore. How long had it been since he talked about his days in the Praetorian Guard? Many. Even before Percy was born, long before his brother Raym, he'd barely mentioned it. It always made him feel off, bothered, annoyed. But now it barely pricked him anymore.

I suppose, at the end of what's what, it just doesn't matter what I was before.

It almost seemed laughable, how ashamed he'd been of it. This big, dark secret he'd kept from his friends. It wasn't actually dark nor that much of the secret. He'd been in the guard. He'd despised Azimuth for bitter, personal reasons that he was ashamed of now. The constant disagreeing led to the lesser officer's discharge. The squabbles of a young man with too much pride - Maybe getting discharged was the growing-up lesson he'd needed. Leo would have rather died, than gone on to become another arrogant fool, drunk off the legacy built by ancestors whose names they didn't even remember. He was proud to be a lombax, but the Great War was long in the past. Some lombaxes were still basking in the victory long after the actual victors and their great grandchildren had was a flaw many soldiers fell to. It wasn't malicious or bad, to be prideful. Not all lombaxes gloated the species' history.

But it was always there, Leo mused inwardly. That pride. The idea that we were always right, we were the heroes, we could make the best decision.

Could they? No.

The lombaxes were good, but they weren't higher than anyone else. They should have included other species in their decisions. Maybe the incident with Tachyon could have turned about better. It was why he left the guard without putting up a fight. He didn't agree with the pride now. Alister, long before considering Tachyon's plan, had been flawed. Leo wouldn't admit it even to Percy, even after all of this. He felt shame twist his chest again, but he couldn't admit that he hadn't trusted Alister even then. That something had always about the man.

If you'd stayed in the guard, maybe you could have stopped him.

Not even Kaden could stop him when he was sure he was right.

Leo exhaled slowly through his thick nose, rubbing the space between his eyes. Pride as the species had been, nothing and no one deserved what Tachyon did to them. He supposed now, what happened before didn't matter at all. He wondered what became of Alister. Fergus, Jana, Ickabar, Duck – all his friends were gone. He hadn't had much family, hadn't known Kaden too well. So Leo hadn't dwelled on others. Maybe Alister was dead. Leo wondered if it was kinder that way.


It didn't matter now anyway. As far as the universe was concerned, Leo Evergrett's life was over.


Nefarious's boxy ship popped out of hyperspace just outside the Kraig Asteroid Field. Ratchet felt a drop in his stomach at seeing just how bad it was. The asteroids at the rim of the chaos were about the same size as the ship they were in, and past them he could see a few the sizes of a house or two. The good news seemed to be that they weren't moving that fast. The bad news was that, according to the mainframe on Polaris's Most Un-Visitable Planets, that could change.

"According to the database, the asteroid field could go through a tremor at any moment, caused by electro-magnetic fields. Not only could the asteroids start flying around like drunken taxi drivers –"Zephyr raised his long head, "We could get caught up in the field along with 'em!"

"Great." Ratchet half-groaned. Nefarious was scowling ahead, gripping the controls until Ratchet was sure he heard the metal in them creek. "Any kind of defence mechanism on this ship against that?"

"I didn't exactly have time to stop and get an upgrade, so sue me." The robot snarled, still staring straight ahead. Lawrence, idly dusting the ship behind the group, commented aloud;

"That and we didn't have the bolts."

Ratchet forced down a snort, "Well, we've wasted enough time. If Tachyon got his forces onto the planet then –"

Could figurative light bulbs going off in your head actually hurt? Ratchet felt like something had popped in his brain. Like when you come up too fast from the bottom of the pull, only it wasn't just in your ears. "..."

Tenahee's eyes were blank, too. Clank was staring ahead as well. All three turned and stared at each other in a flurry of blinks. Nefarious looked over his shoulder and glared at them all, "What? What, you telepathic now, you freaks? What is it?!"

"Tachyon must have gotten a bunch of ships through this asteroid field somehow." Tenahee said quickly, rubbing her fluffy head, "Which means –"

"We can follow his lead." Raymas, who had remained silent as if he wasn't there, called from the back of the ship. Ratchet only just dared to believe it. Something...going smoothly?

Nefarious's eye twitched. With a swift jerk he whipped back forward and began typing fast and furiously into the control panel before him. "Scanning field...cloaking devices up...well that's not subtle!"

"What?" Qwark squeaked, beefy fingers crammed between his teeth. Nefarious pushed himself away from the screen in his swirly chair, revealing a diagram of what the scanners had picked up. Some kind of bulky, ball-like drone about three times the size of the ship.

"A gravitational regulator, like the ones we saw on Magnus." Clank elaborated, rubbing his near non-existent chin, "The Loki must have sent it to create a path through the asteroids."

"Which also means Tachyon and the Loki will know we're coming if we take their route." Tenahee pointed out. Ratchet shrugged, trying for a grin. He didn't really manage.

"Well, we're beyond stealth missions. Talwyn's having trouble keeping the invasions back and we need to find that artefact before Tachyon does."

"Go for it and hope for the best, rookies, that's all ya can do sometimes." Cronk called from the back of the ship, where he and Zephyr were (not very discreetly) trying to set up an old holo-projector to watch Lance and Janice.

"Alright..." Ratchet wasn't used to being on a mission and not driving, standing behind the pilot seat where his enemy was made him feel beyond awkward. Nefarious sped up, nearly knocking the standing parties off their feet. The orb-like drone came into view; hovering just outside the asteroid base. Like two snakes of light it sent bolts of electro-magnetic pulses through the field, and Ratchet could see the clear road. The jagged lightning-like edges to it made it look more like a death trap. He frowned,

"Those could damage our ship. It'll be like playing one of those games where you can't touch the walls or you lose."

"Or blow up." Qwark whimpered, ducking behind Tenahee's chair. The lombax woman's face hardened as she stared ahead in frozen annoyance. Nefarious rolled his eyes,

"I can handle it, just watch!" He manoeuvred the ship onto the asteroid-free route. It was far narrower than Ratchet had imagined. The yellow lombax felt his fur prickle.

"Watch it." The ship drifted precariously near the sparking electric. Nefarious gave a low, warning growl.

"Don't back-seat drive, Squishie runt, I said I'm handling it."

So the little box-like ship moved forward, teetering precarious close now and again to the edge of the protective field. Tenahee was tapping her fingers together, staring at her toes, Qwark trying his best not to make a noise, and the two warbots watching Lance and Janice as quietly as possible at the back of the ship. Oh, and Lawrence dusting everywhere. Ratchet knew was stress was at this point. The ship moved slowly, painfully slow, and with every passing minute Ratchet felt his chest tighten. What felt like hours later, the ship made if halfway through the field. Ratchet breathed out.

The alarm blared in their ears. He ducked. Nefarious gave a squabble of fright like a kicked bird and looked down at the screen in front of him. The ship didn't wait for him to read it –

"Warning, gravity field collapsing!"

Ratchet, Tenahee and Clank whirled around. Through the back window they saw, miles away, that the drone had shut off at the field held by the electro-magnetic pulses was closing like a fly-trap. Asteroids didn't just stop being pushed away, they collapsed together with a crunch. And the collapse was coming right towards them.

Nefarious gave a squawk, Qwark screamed, and Tenahee grabbed the controls, Ratchet the others, and they floored it. The ship blasted forward as the road behind them closed up with slamming rocks. They'd be crushed instantly if caught in it, and now the artsoids were scraping the very back of the vessel. Ratchet pushed hard on the joysticks, tipping the ship forward so the rear went up and avoided the collision – but Qwark, Lawrence, and the other three robots slid forward and crashed into the back of the pilot seats.

Only Raymas remained at the back of the ship, gripping the wall to keep his barely standing body in place.

"Someone's trying to call us." He called gruffly. Ratchet shot a look back at him,

"What, what do you –"

The screen buzzes to life again and a loud, snide voice laughed, "I can't believe you fell for it."

Ratchet had to admit he hadn't seen it coming, but with his teeth barred, his full weight on the joysticks and trying to drive a nearly upside down ship, he couldn't find the mental capacity to reply. Tenahee was using the other controls to shoot back at any asteroid that came too near, but it was overwhelming. They were being showered.

The field in front of them was still open but they were running out of time –

"You SON OF A –"

The ship jolted and Nefarious smacked his forehead off the panel in front of him. The group cringed as he flopped to the floor without another word. The Loki, cat-like face smirking on the screen, let out a bark of a laugh,

"I do hope that gets recorded!"

"So what, you're Tachyon's lackey now?" Tenahee growled over her frantic button-pressing. The Loki gave her a sharp look,

"Oh, well if it isn't yet another one of the so –called extinct species."

"Actually there's probably bunches of 'em in a different dimension so really the lombaxes ain't extinct at all." Zephyr mused, piled up with Qwark, Lawrence, Cronk and Clank behind the pilot seats. The Loki rose a brow at them all, but his smirk returned tenfold at the sight.

"It's as if you're trying to make sure that I know you're as beatable as punching bags. How kind."

The ship gave another jolt. Asteroids were flattening together just behind it, scraping the sides. Ratchet barred his teeth, gripping each pilot seat in either hand.

"You can't use the Lifeforce." He growled at the screen, blood boiling, "Something's wrong with it, it's not what you think it is."

"And you're suddenly the expert?" The Loki retorted, a brow raised, "Forgive me for not taking you seriously."

The disc on Ratchet's shoulder-belt flashed. The pale blue aura ignited like a flame in gas and blasted through the ship and right through the walls. Ratchet thought he'd be thrown off his feet, but he stayed anchored to the lopsided floor. They all did. The lombax looked down.

The Lifeforce in the disc was pulsing slowly. The pulses rippled through the ship and out around it, tossing the asteroids back like a wave. When the asteroids flew at them again, another pulse sent them back. Like a heartbeat. Like a breath.

The Loki was staring at him; mouth slightly ajar, eyes wide but hard in disbelief. "...Just how are you...?" Ratchet looked up. He felt blissfully cool, like he'd taken a nice cold drink of water after running a mile. He managed a smirk,

"Oh, you know, Hero Mojo. Guess the Thora like good people better, huh?"

"What is that?" The Loki's eyes were locked on the shoulder disc. Ratchet's hand flew to it, covering it a little.

"None of your business."

He turned the screen off. Tenahee was staring at him, everyone was. He tried to ignore them and shoved Nefarious out of the way to sit in the main pilot seat, "We're almost out of the field!"

"Ratchet..." Clank started, but the lombax cut him off,

"I know, I know." He didn't really, "We'll talk about it afterward, really, but let's just survive this, okay?"

Tenahee looked away from him, something crossing her face that he couldn't quite read. But he couldn't concentrate on it, not now. The pulsing was growing stronger, tossing asteroids back like pebbles in water.

Raymas, who had been near invisible during the whole thing, let go of the wall and skidded down the floor to the other end. He reached over Ratchet's shoulder and began typing rapidly. Ratchet blinked quickly, trying to speed up the ship,

"Raymas, what –"

"The Loki must have activated the drone remotely. Calling us gave us a direct line to his databases – If I can hack it, we can turn it back on!"

"That sounds difficult, it would be easier if he hadn't ended the call." Clank said doubtfully, trapped under Qwark's arm. Tenahee raised her head,

"...Wait...we're being called again."

Ratchet readied himself mentally for more gloating. Instead a noise-only message popped up on screen as they sped through the field, asteroids crashing together all around them in ear-splitting cracks.

"Who is this?" He called, as Raymas continued to type like quick and stiff.



It was quiet. Very quiet. Percy opened his eyes. His one good ear stood up, and he listen. The chilly air nipped at the tip. He could hear nothing, not even a breeze. There was a fog in the air; damp on the nearby leaves. The giant brambles looked sleet with it, and Percy felt his stomach turn at just how more fleshy they looked now. The fire was dead. The logs too damp to burn. Leo lay opposite, the extinguished fire between them; his back turned to the small lombax. Percy felt his chest tighten, as it always did, but then he saw the dark furred lombax's shoulder move. He was breathing.

Percy wrinkled his pink nose. If noise hadn't awakened him up, then what was it? The fog made him want to sneeze, but it couldn't have been enough to get him up. He stared quietly into the fog around them, sitting up and bobbing his toes left and right; as if dancing to some silent music.

A thud. He heard it in his chest and in the ground. Soft as a hummingbird's heart. Percy went still. He didn't even breathe. It happened again, the slightest stir in the soil. "...Leo."

Leo didn't budge.

Another pulse.


Leo shifted. Then he was up, the two of them like frozen mice caught in the light, as still as statues. The fog pressed around them like a cage. Leo's ears stiffened as at last a noise, muffled and muted, came with the thud. He stood up in a quick bolt and moved, stiff as a board, to Percy, tugging him up by the shoulder and pulling him along. But they didn't run. In silence, Percy felt himself being pulled through the thick, damp leaves of the giant plants, moving through them without so much has rustling them. He felt deaf, far more than his missing ear had ever made him feel.

Leo looked down at a device on his wrist; built clumsily but plainly on his arm. Percy had no idea what it was. The two stopped in a clearing, surrounded by mist and tall, dark plants. Percy felt a shudder travel up his spine. "Leo." His voice barely got out of his throat.

Leo turned to him and knelt, eye level. Percy couldn't look away this time – it was Leo that wouldn't meet his eye. He breathed out, looking left and right, eyes flickering rapidly at the jungle around them. "Percy – listen. We're going to split up. I'm going to lead them away around the road were the brambles are the thickets. I'll lose them in there; they're too big to get through the thorns. There's a river just past here- follow it. The map says it's parallel to the road I'll take."

Percy barely heard any of it. All he heard was 'split up.' And alarm bells went off, urgent and horrified. This couldn't be happening. He wasn't fooled. At last something in his broke, his voice thick as he forced it out, "No. Not again."

"You have to. You can do it." Leo whispered. Percy's shredded ears could hear voices now, gurgling, thundering, scraping, high pitched, a muddle of voices too far to make out –

He tried to breathe but couldn't. "I can't. Not this –"

Leo stood up and began walking the other way. Percy was drenched in a cold sweet. His insides, every part of him stung. "Leo –"

The dark furred lombax looked back at him, face blanched beneath dark fur. A gentle breeze could have knocked him over, he looked so drained. Percy felt pain he couldn't describe at seeing Leo, the strong one, like this. He closed his eyes. "You can't do this to me again."


He felt a pair of arms around him. He hadn't been hugged in a long, long time. But he felt warmth, he felt life. Leo, alive, holding him tight. He felt something like a drop of rain fall on the top of his fluffy head. He couldn't look up at him. He stared past his shoulder, eyes frozen, the plants blurring.

"I'm sorry, Little Man. You'll be all right. You're different from us all. You'll live. You're strong...but I haven't got much left in me."

Percy couldn't move, couldn't speak.

Leo drew back and he saw his face, dark eyed, dim pupils, tired -

"...I'll miss you."

Percy's mind went blank.

"...Me too."

Leo stood and walked away. He slid into the plants, away from him, and Percy began moving the other way, legs numb. He walked steadily without a stumble, feeling nothing, feeling empty.


"...So...Leo...what was your family like? Were the guard?"

Leo lifted his head. Ickabar sat opposite him; the camp fire between them. Most geography teachers couldn't say they went on dangerous archaeological ventures with their friends, but he could. Fergus sat to the left, gulping down some kind of alcohol from a flask, looking none too interested. The darkness was thick around them, the cave walls almost vanishing from existence. Their shadows flickered like kites tied to their feet in the fire light.

He sighed. "...You know I don't like talking about the Guard."

Ickabar's looked down quietly. "...You know, whatever happened..."

"Is my past." Leo murmured. Not angrily. Just...firmly. "I know you mean well, but...that's just me." Ickabar gave a half-smile.

"Did you know your parents?"

"Yeah. But they were...always working. Those kind of parents." Leo sat back against the near invisible cave wall. He looked past the fire, past Ickabar, at the darkness. "I guess I could have tried harder, but I was always waiting for them to make the first move."

"...Have they made the first move in asking for forgiveness?"

Ickabar's tone was flat. The closest thing the purple lombax got to scorn. Leo shrugged slowly.

"They can't bring me down anymore. They're in the past."

"...Your family can hurt you. That much I know." Ickabar said, staring down at his feet. "...Sometimes you don't even realize the damage until much later."

Fergus spoke up at last, placing down the flask with a clunk. They turned their heads to look at him, eyes a little wider. Fergus opened his, sharp and unmasked.

"They don't matter anymore. The ones that hurt you, at the end of it, they just don't matter. Sure, the damage is there, and by God you can make them sorry for it, but in years to come you'll find it almost funny how much you cared about something so irrelevant."

He sat back, vaulting a leg over the other, smirking a bit Leo's way. "Sometimes I forget how much of a softie you are. You're worse than Ickabar."

"And I forget there's a full-fledged philosopher buried under all those flasks and the hatred of Monday mornings." Leo grinned. "Should I call you Professor Mgive?"

"Shove off."

Ickabar laughed.


Leo he slid through the labyrinth of brambles and spikes outside the jungle. The roads were steep here, and the soil was reddened like old wine under the dampness. The coolness in the air made him feel more awake then he ever had. He found the first drophid moving blandly across the road. He struck it across the helmet with his wrench and bolted past. The squard saw him and began shooting, following as he made his way down the barren roads outside the forest.

Something heavy landed in front of him; a four-legged mech made of purple metal; spider-like. A drophid at the helm. The lombax gritted his teeth and ducked beneath it; striking the spot directly beneath where the drophid sat. It swayed off balance and didn't regain it until he was much further down the road.

He skidded around the corner, and a blast wrecked his ear drums. He halted, turned his back, and glared hard at the being behind him, for he knew what it was. Landing in the road behind with a cracking thud, the insect-like throne of Percival Tachyon stood up with a mechanical twitch. His ugly face stretched between a fowl grin and a disdainful scowl.

"You've aged badly, Percival." Leo remarked casually, "The years have not been kind."

"Kinder than they have to you." Tachyon drawled, picking at his gloved fingertips with equal loftiness. "You look – how do they say it? Like you have been through the mill one too many times."

Leo lifted his wrench and took a fighting stance, a ghost of the guard he once was. "I'm done speaking with you."

"As am I. To down, one to go. The Keeper's brat is the last of you." Tachyon's throne shifted and the arms drew up; the mechanisms lighting.

"I doubt I'll take my time on you, Evergrett."

Ratchet and Clank Fanfic: Lifeforce Chapter 66


I've put this into less and less groups...that is, the later chapters. Leaving the first few for people to find. I dunno if that's a good idea, since the recent chapters are better written...

So I was having a bit of a downer about this story a few days back, on those few days. I looked back over it, kicked myself at mistakes, wrote out my plan again and saw how much it had changed during writing and struggled with ideas. There is still a lot to go but now that exams are over the pace may pick up, but still. I deleted many character arcs, including ignoring Nefarious's, from this. Nefarious had his own sub-story that he was going to struggle with during his villain team up. Comparing himself to the REAL monsters Tachyon and the Loki are and wondering about himself. I just never got around to that.

There is also a whole culture I developed for the Thora; an asian-like one with beliefs, Gods, Houses and so on that's been left out. Tayzol and Fiver were meant to play a bigger part, so maybe I'll create these other stories in a small fic AFTER Lifeforce is completed.
And maybe a profile, too.

That, and a long time back I mentioned an alternate idea for Ickabar, which was far more relevant. It tied the characters together a lot more, but I didn't want to remove other aspects. Now I almost regret that - I may write snippets of this alternate Ickabar elsewhere after this story is finished.

A lot more is to come about now that the lombax ocs are truly wrapping up, as did Tressakay's backstory, I'm torn. I spoke to someone on DA - Since Ace Hardlight doesn't appear in the present day flashbacks, I considered making Percy's adventures in Dreadzone a whole seperate, smaller fic that I could concentrate on. It would take away a big junk of development for the one-eared purple lombax. Really. He'll be a much flatter character, but I feel you guys might be overwhelmed by more flashbacks. This story can be difficult to write and I wanted to write the Dreadzone story well.

The cragmite flashbacks are all over the place. I had a plan years back on how to introduce them, but i left it too long. The flashbacks and introductions of their characters SHOULD have come long before these guys appeared in the present day. Now I've just flung them out of nowhere. But I can't make their story separate because it IS relevant to the Main plot unlike Ace, but it's full of OCs and development.

Basically, it'll get confusing if I don't do it right. I'm trying to figure out how to go about the flashbacks featuring Post-Great-War Reepor without muddling up things too much. Maybe once the lombax flashbacks are totally over I'll have more of a chance.

So this is the question: Should I write the Dreadzone flashbacks as a separate fic?

You know that terrible fic that's moving at snail's pace that I started way back?

Well, the story has sub-plots and backstories. But I wrote down and planned out the whole story, and its a lot for a reader to remember. So I said to myself, 'what if I made the flashback sequences just seperate stories?'
That would work swell with the Deadlocked flashbacks were Ace is terrorized by a certain one-eared menace. But there's a subplot with the cragmites...that may get a bit complicated.
Cons: OCS. In the flashbacks there will be ocs, and the cragmite one deals with the cragmite Empire during the Great War - class problems, nobles, schemes, all that jazz...which means ALL are ocs because no one is born yet. Which is bad.
I mean, stories with mostly original characters can be good, but hard to do. I'll admit - I'd be apprehensive of all all- oc story. So the cragmite flashbacks may be best suited to staying as a subplot in the main story.
It means, however, that character development would be rushed or cramped...
And writing down the plan for the whole main story and the flashbacks, I realized just how much the story has to go. I've cut out characters both original and canon to even it up, but still. I see it as a chore most days. Its my own doing, really.
It's dumb to stress about a fanfic, but I promised myself as someone who wants to be a writer (and who is currently editing the very, very first draft of a small novel like a ninny at the same time) that I'd finish this piece of rubbish.
I think if I really, really tried, I could balance out the flashbacks with Dreadzone and the Cragmite Empire. Just wanted to know if those very very few people still reading thought. 

Sorry for annoying my watchers with this story again. I know I'm annoyed with it. I'm barely on here to enjoy DA as much, I shouldn't be whining I know.


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